Metal Group Recorded Album Inspired by Dyachenkos’ Novel

Metal Group Recorded Album Inspired by Dyachenkos’ Novel

Mirror Morionis - 'Eternal Unforgiveness' Album Cover

Mirror Morionis, internationally known HM band from Tomsk, recently released Atmospheric Doom Metal CD album entitled “Eternal Unforgiveness”, unusual tribute to Marina and Sergey Dyachenkos’ fantasy fiction – all lyrics were inspired bySKRUT, one of the first and probably one of the darkest novels of the authors.


Femme Metal Webzine reviewed “Eternal Unforgiveness” and gave it 95 of 100:

The songs are all masterpieces, but the two biggest standouts on the album for me have to be named: they are “Her Morion Eyes” (seriously epic; and could have been even more epic lyrically if Cataract had not been hindered by writing in his second language, which I feel caused him to miss a few tricks with the potential for vocal interplay between Mirror and himself – their character roles could have played opposing parts more prominently) and “The Sun Will Never Rise” (especially the combination of the guitar and vocal melodies together when “Farewell, your life erases me, forever fail, forever die” first comes in – it is absolutely stunning – a moment of exceptional musical greatness even on an overall great album that is full of great moments). “Eternal Unforgiveness” could well be considered a concept album as all of the songs cover the same topical themes so all of them are connected in that sense, and some of them are directly connected to each other.


Besides tracks linked above, YouTube has also nice atmospheric and beautiful video version of “When Mirror Cries”. Enjoy!

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