Vita Nostra (2007)

Vita Nostra, Kindle (UK) edition

Vita Nostra is modern literary fantasy novel with “coming of age” theme, first in associative Dyachenkos’ “Metamorphosis” cycle. The book got absolutely positive reception. It collected several professional and readers awards and was mentioned as one of the most important work of national speculative fiction of the decade.

Vita Nostra was published in Poland in translation of P. Ogorzałek next year after the original publication in Russia. It was also published as Alekszandra és a Teremtés növendékei in Hungary in 2009 in translation of Weisz György.

A hard cover edition published by Harper Voyager is expected in 2018!

VITA NOSTRA—it’s a book that has the potential to become a modern classic of its genre.”
—Lev Grossman,
a novelist, a senior writer and book critic for TIME magazine

VITA NOSTRA is a fantasy, but a fantasy so authentic that, having turned its last page, I thought that Marina and Sergey Dyachenko somehow know everything that happened to me during the first year of my adult life. I am so grateful to them for giving me another chance to relive those experiences; with all the means of cinematography at my disposal, I will do my best to convey the magic of those times.”
—Timur Bekmambetov,
film director, producer

Book Awards:

  • Gold Caduceum Award for the best novel of the 2007 at Star Bridge Festival in Kharkov, Ukraine
  • Moon Sword Award for the best fantasy novel of the 2007 at Strannik Festival in St.Petersburg, Russia
  • RosCon Award for the best novel of the 2007 and special Award of Awards at RosCon national annual convention in Moscow, Russia
  • Silver Arrow Awards for the best novel and the best female character of the 2007 at Silver Arrow Festival in Moscow, Russia
  • First-grade Filigree Award for the best novel of the 2007 at Arkady Strugatsky’s Memorial Readings in Moscow, Russia
  • Σ Award for the best novel of the 2007 by votes of readers of Esli magazine
  • Book of the Year Award for the best book of the 2007 wrote by domestic writers by votes at
  • Marble Faun Award as the best novel of the 2007 (critic/researcher Mikhail Nazarenko annual genre award)
  • Annual Nikolay Gogol Award for the outstanding novel from Moscow Writers Organization.

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