Praises for THE SCAR

“Rich, vivid, tactile prose, with a solid yet unpredictable plot—and an extraordinary depth and intensity of character reminiscent of the finest Russian literature.” – Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Sergey and Marina Dyachenko’s THE SCAR blends the simplicity of a parable with the complexity and richness of a Russian novel.” – Library Journal Reviews

“THE SCAR … well worth the attention of any reader who likes well-drawn characters, vivid and unusual settings, a touch or two or three of mysticism, and continuing surprises up until the last page. … I can think of English classes where The Scar would make for a readable text for enjoyable analysis and explication”. – Dr. Wesley Britton

“THE SCAR is a terrific allegorical second chance at redemption and life sword and sorcery thriller.” – Harriet Klausner

THE SCAR is the type of book that makes you weep for the limitations of sub-genre delineations.”Hank Peace at Amazon.com

“The book is excellent, the story is very interesting and so very intelligently written with superb details and descriptions. With so many great qualities and hardly any problems I can confidently give this book 5/5 stars.” – from GoodReads reader’s review

Marina and Sergey DyachenkoInternational Press Wrote

“For many years the Dyachenkos have been writing about the strange metamorphosis human souls undergo at the elusive point between chaos and order, between freedom and law.” – “Knizhnik-review”

“This creative alliance was impossible to ignore, if only for the simple reason that this writers’ duo does not write thrillers, but presents common human themes instead. Dyachenko’s characters are vulnerable and thin-skinned, they live through the most mundane experiences and are not armed with deadly weapons head to foot. But most importantly, they are always armed with choices. They are continuously burdened by having to make a choice – because the choice is often more of a debt, rather than a privilege.” – Knizhny Klub Magazine (The Book Club)

“They create an astounding world, sometimes chilling and frightening, sometimes shockingly beautiful and bizarre. The combination of two drastically different people – different in age, temperament, and previous occupations (Marina was an actress, Sergey – a psychiatrist) gives us a chance to touch the reality of miracles.” – The Viva Magazine

“The secret of the Dyachenko’s success is the high-quality writing, primarily realistic in style, with one – and the only one per novel – fantasy assumption that allows them to solve complex content issues so far (or, possibly, forever) unattainable by realistic genre”.Znamya Magaizne

“Marina and Sergey Dyachenko employed a fail-proof technique: they wove an utterly impossible assumption into a meticulously realistic, almost down-to-earth context. They surrounded their anomalous, bizarre characters with our quite ordinary contemporaries. This contrast allowed the Flames of Extraordinary to flare up even brighter, and the psychological or social problems were illuminated even more clearly”.Realnost’ Fantastiki Magazine (The Reality of Fantastic)

“What makes the Dyachenkos different is not even that they are simply good writers (although their talent makes them stand out in the crowd). There is also another aspect, another difference in the actual creative process; each of two co-authors creates each novel in his own way and then they merge their visions. The final result is multidimentional and monolithic…”Mir Fantastiki Magazine (The World of Fantastic)

“Readers may argue with the Dyachenkos, accept some of their novels and and reject others, but they will devour every new book they write. The reason is that these writers, unlike so many others, have retained a rare ability to surprise and be surprised…” –Mikhail Nazarenko, a monograph “The Reality of a Miracle”

“Marina and Sergey Dyachenko are so original, so unpredictable and multifaceted that it is useless to look for a suitable niche for them, or to try to squeeze them into a particular segment of science fiction and fantasy. Marina and Sergey Dyachenko are not an island, nor are they mainland. They are a galaxy!” – The Ukranian Magazine

“One thing is clear – Marina and Sergey Dyachenko are avidly read evenly by the intellectuals and those who never read. In the era of aggressive militant immorality, Dyachenko dared to place their money on the world created by them, the world that is fundamentally ethical. It is a world in which the winners are judged.” – Novosti Stolitsy daily newspaper (News of the Capital)

“Marina and Sergey Dyachenko force us to see the world in their books, and they do it in a way that makes us feel as if we were not reading a book, but instead were watching a brilliantly directed film – and here it is, the symbiosis of Sergey’s screenwriter’s skills with Marina’s acting experience.” – Perekrestok Mirov (The Crossroad of the Worlds)