The Scar (1997)

The Scar (Tor Books 2012 edition)The Scar is the second novel in “Wanderers” cycle.

More than once it happened to brave squabbler Egert Soll to kill on duel, but the death of his last victim was suddenly avenged. Soll had lost the fight to the misteriuos stranger, and stranger’s sword left a deep mark on the Egert’s face – and on his soul. He was doomed by the the spell that turned the excellent fighter into the shameful coward. And now Soll is fated to find a way to remove a spell of the former Gate-Keeper…

The novel was the winner of Sword in the Stone Award for the best new fantasy novel of the year.

USA edition of The Scar was published by Tor Books Feb. 28, 2012
(you can order it from The book got the Star from Kirkus Review as “the book of remarkable merit”.

Prologue and the First Chapter of The Scar – read online!

Booktrailer for the USA edition

Quotes From Reviews

“Rich, vivid, tactile prose, with a solid yet unpredictable plot—and an extraordinary depth and intensity of character reminiscent of the finest Russian literature.” – Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Sergey and Marina Dyachenko’s THE SCAR blends the simplicity of a parable with the complexity and richness of a Russian novel.” – Library Journal Reviews

“THE SCAR is a terrific allegorical second chance at redemption and life sword and sorcery thriller.” – Harriet Klausner

“The book is excellent, the story is very interesting and so very intelligently written with superb details and descriptions. With so many great qualities and hardly any problems I can confidently give this book 5/5 stars.” – fromGoodReads reader’s review