Novels of Marina and Sergey Dyachenko

Chronological list of Marina and Sergey Dyachenko’s novels, originally published in Russian and/or Ukrainian.

1994 – The Gate-Keeper became our first novel in print. Literary fantasy novel received the “Crystal Table” prize at the book festival Zoryany Schlyach and was awarded as “The Best Debut Work” by EuroCon in 1995. The novel opened “Wanderers” tetralogy.

1996 – The Ritual, romantic story about princess and dragon with the twist.

1996 – The Scar, the sequel to The Gate-Keeper, the second book in “Wanderers” tetralogy. Novel received “Sword in the Stone” award.

1997 – The Successor, the third novel in “Wanderers” tetralogy.

1997 – Skrut, fantasy novel, moral take of the old scheme with the young man standing between the Beauty and the Beast.

1997 – Age of the Witch, mythological fantasy in a modern urban settings. This novel received award from the magazine “Rainbow” in 1997 and “The Great Zilant” award from ZilantCon in Kazan.

1998 – The Cave, dark speculative fiction romance, was awarded “Moon Sword” prize in 1999.

1999 – The Execution, psychological science fantasy novel, received “The Wаnderer” award in 2000 and the Reader Appreciation award “Sigma-F” in 2000 as the Novel of the Year.

1999 – The Frontier, folklore historical fantasy, written with Andrei Valentinov and H. L. Oldie. Received the “Golden Caduceus” prize at the festival “Star Bridge – 2000″.

1999 – Armagedd-Home, social fiction in a world where Apocalypses became as usual as earthquakes. The novel was awarded by “Bronze Snail – 2001″ as the best long form genre fiction of the year.

2000 – The Adventurer, the forth novel in “Wanderers” tetralogy.

2001 – Mages May Do Anything, fantasy novel about the clash between justice and revenge. One more “Golden Caduceus” award.

2001 – The Valley of Conscience, modern literary fantasy, was awarded by “Bronze Snail – 2002″, “Russian science fiction – 2002″, “Sigma-F – 2002″, and the “Golden Caduceus” award at the festival “Golden Bridge – 2002″.

2003 – Pandem, social science fiction novel, got the “Silver Caduceus” prize at the “Star Bridge -2003″ festival.

2004 – Varan, art-fantasy novel, awarded the “Bronze Caduceus” prize at the “Star Bridge -2004″ festival.

2005 – The Pentacle, folklore historical fantasy, written with Andrei Valentinov and H. L. Oldie, was awarded the “Golden Caduceus” prize at the “Star Bridge – 2005″ festival.

2005 – Key to the Kingdom, first novel in young-adult fantasy trilogy.

2006 – Oberon’s Promise, second novel in “Key to the Kingdom” trilogy.

2006 – Alena and Aspirin, modern speculative fiction novel.

2006 – Wild Energy: Lana is a fantasy novel, written under impression of the music show of the Ukrainian singer Ruslana. The book was dedicated to Ruslana as well. The novel was awarded the “Bronze Caduceus” prize at the “Star Bridge – 2006″ festival.

2007 – Vita Nostra is modern literary fantasy novel with “coming of age” theme, first in associative “Metamorphosis” cycle. The book got absolutely positive reception and collected dozen of professional and readers awards.

2008 — The Copper King, fantasy novel loosely coonected to Varan, and Evil Has No Power, third novel in “The Key to the Kingdom” cycle.

2009 – Digital, or Brevis Est, modern take of “world power” seduction theme, second in associative “Metamorphosis” cycle.

2010 — Migrant, or Brevi Finietur, extraterrestrial science fiction novel, third in associative “Metamorphosis” cycle.

2011 – Possessed is modern urban fantasy.