Marina and Sergey Dyachenko’s Cycles of Novels

“Wanderers” is a cycle of fantasy novels, the story of the magic world facing the unusial threat for a several generations. The talented wizard deprived of force; the reckless man of courage, damned by cowardice; the favourite son expelled by a family; the self-forgiving egoist condemned to death. All of them have to change their lives for their own or whole World’s sake.

“Vagrant Spark” is a cycle of loosely connected fantasy novels in colorful world populated by human and magic creatures, world of the old Empire and countless kingdoms. Each novel of the cycle focuses on very special character who earn powerful gift and has to find or choose his place in the realm.

“Metamorphosis” is a associative cycle of novels about people found their life and understanding of the World had to be changed. Novels are not connected by characters or plot.