TRIUMVIRATE by Yulia Andreeva: The artistic biographies of the writers

triumvirateIt’s a rare bird in Russian fandom, but here it is: Yulia Andreeva, writer from Sant-Petersburg, published a limited edition of TRIUMVIRATE, the book with the artistic biographies of the three modern literary fantasy writers – Henry Lion Oldie (aka Dmitry Gromov and Oleg Ladyzhenskiy), Andrei Valentinov and Marina and Sergey Dyachenko.

Yulia Andreeva writes:

“I kept this project to myself for quite a while. Eventually I did bring it to light.
Everyone asks me: “How can you work with these… ahem …titans?” I don’t mind. I’ve written about Herod the Great. Not much scares me after him.
I am so incredibly lucky. Everyone in this book has an amazing biography. There’s martial arts, archaeological excavations, and even underwater hunting. Happiness, sorrow, friendship, betrayal… But the most important is the tremendous work they do every day.”

And now for something completely different… Well, you know, not really… But… It’s…

THE BOOKTRAILER! The real thing mastered by Bronya Gromova, with English narration and subtitles added by Anastasia Dyachenko. Enjoy!

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