Age of Witches (1997)

Age of Witches, Cover of 2014 Kindle edition

AGE OF WITCHES is urban fantasy novel with characters from various (mainly Slavonic) mythologies. Novel received award from the Kiev Rainbow Magazinein 1997, the “Great Zilant” prize from ZilantCon in Kazan in 1998 and Nagroda SFinks in Poland as the best translated foreign novel in 2004.English Edition

English translation of the novel was e-published at July 30, 2014 and now available from!

Is it easy to be a witch? Who can, and more importantly, who would want to understand her: this evil otherworldly creature, the symbol of promiscuity and whimsy? The symbol of the Woman?

Is it easy to be the Great Inquisitor? Who can, and more importantly, who would want to understand him, a heartless executioner, carrying out the will of the Inquisition? What would happen if the souls of these two, as incompatible as ice and fire, come into contact?

The novel THE AGE OF WITCHES contains several winningly rare combinations: that of a thriller, detective and melodrama, Western traditions and Eastern European textures. The epic scope of events and tension go hand in hand with the intense psychological twister representing the characters’ inner lives. An element of mystery allows for a new approach to the ancient questions.

What makes the novel unique? The dense atmosphere of a modern city is invaded by the poetry of folk demonology. The characters abide by the cruel laws of nuclear society, and by those of a mythical world. This is a book about love, but also about the price of freedom, and the meaning of life. It is about what can save our world from being suffocated by contradictions and hate.