The Gate-Keeper

The Gate-Keeper (1994)

The Gate-Keeper
is the first novel in “Wanderers” cycle.

There are two Forces in the World: magic and human. It was forecasted that gold will start to rust once, and the Third Force, unknown to anybody, will come to the World through the Gatekeeper, someone who would have the power to open the Door for it. The World will be rebuild then, and both Forces will be changed, expelled or diminished…

Rual Ilmarranen, the former wizard who has lost the abilities because of double treachery, is believed to be the bearer of doom (or blessing?) of Gatekeeper. He is the one who will decide the fate of human race and magic powers.

The novel was prized by the Encouragement Award at EuroCon 1996 (Lituanicon).

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