Ruslana’s Wild Energy Project

Ruslana is Ukrainian singer, songwriter and producer, winner of World Music Award and Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 with her famous Wild Dance.

Ruslana is longtime friend of Marina and Sergey Dyachenko and they joined their talents to create kind of all-media Wild Energy Project.

The project was based on Dyachenkos’ science fiction novel Wild Energy. Lana (was published in Ukraine in 2006), poetic distopia about the world experiences a global energy crisis where people are lacking their will for life and their spiritual energy. Lana, synthetic girl, sets out to find the perfect energy source to save the people.

In June 2006 Ruslana presented the “Wild Energy” single and video for it. English-language album “Wild Energy” was released internationally in 2008.

By many external reasons (too multiple to enumerate here) the project never get full throttle, but the hope is still here. Aghm.

Wild Energy (2008)

Ruslana surrounded by Staska, Marina and Sergey