“The White Guard” Won “The Golden Eagle” Award for the Best TV Production!

TV series “The White Guard”, based on the Marina and Sergey Dyachenko screenplay, was awarded by “The Golden Eagle” as the best Russian TV production of the 2012!

eagle 2“The White Guard” is 6-hour mini-series TV adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s classic novel of the same title. Series dramatizes historical perturbations of Winter 1918-1919 in Kiev during the Russian civil war and focuses on family of Turbins found themselves in midst of tragic world-changing events. Sergey Snezhkin directed mini-series featured many popular Russian movie stars including Konstantin Khabensky (“Wanted”), Sergey Garmash (“House”), Fyodor Bondarchuk (“Inhabitad Island”) and others.

“The Golden Eagle” is a Russian equivalent of an “Oscar” and “Emmy” awards combined, most prestigious Russian annual award presented by National Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences of Russia.


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