Library Journal Praises for THE SCAR

One week before the official release date for THE SCAR! And there are lot of reports from blog people who already got their ordered copies by mail or cannot wait to have it in hands. Hold on, the book is coming!

Meanwhile, here is the full text of Library Journal review:scar

Dyachenko, Sergey, Marina. The Scar. Tor. ISBN 9780765329936. fantasy.

Brash and confident, Egert Soll belongs to the elite guard and believes that the pleasures of the world are his for the taking. When his egotistical pride leads him to kill a defenseless student in a duel, Egert is visited by the mysterious Wanderer, who curses him with a scar and cowardice. Seeking to undo the magic, Egert travels to a university town, where he meets the murdered student’s fiancée, who bears him unending hatred for his deed. Their gradual awakening to each other’s pain begins a life-changing journey of redemption and sacrifice.

VERDICT: Reminiscent of Patricia McKillip’s fairy-tale style, this elegant debut by a husband-and-wife team from Kiev combines the somber beauty of Russian literature with the allegoric power of a traditional folk tale. The theme of the double-edged nature of curses should appeal to readers outside the fantasy genre.

Library Journal, January 15, 2012


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