“The Burned Tower” Must Be Free!

Free digital editions of “The Burned Tower” can be received  in various e-formats. NOOK version was the first we found, and now we have link to Sony ReaderStore edition.

Amazon.com customers still have to wait their rightful share, alas. Kindle Store drowned in deep slumber (it looks like Tor Books must ping hard to awake the guys), though rivals already here and eat out its ears.

BTW, if you dare to check Macmillan website you can find complete e-text of the novella (subtitled “Chapter 1″ in vain attempt of hiding the nature of the excerpt) and just read it in your browser. Top secret, only for your eyes, burn after blinking. Here is the link.

I really like those monstrous major publishing houses. Kings of the Jungles never know what happens in the grass.

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